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With a focused and highly competent team, Overflow has established itself as a preferred software and service provider to a host of companies in various industries across South Africa.

We are market leaders continuously revolutionising in the digital space to remain dynamic and innovative. Overflow is built on its ability to be flexible enough to suit all clients’ needs and retain a high level of operational standards. We have developed our software in-house and manage all operational and functional elements internally , ensuring that our clients receive optimum service and their members have streamlined user experiences.

Tutor assistance

An after-hours homework help line

This service provides an after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to telephonic internet and any information supplied through the internet can be forwarded to the learner by courier service or fax. Tutor line will provide parents with peace of mind that either due to circumstance or unavailability, professional assistance and guidance will be accessible to their children at agreed hours 5 days a week. All services are available for primary and secondary school students…


Provides support and guidance that one needs to manage personal finances.

This is a comprehensive financial wellness programme that provides support and guidance that one needs to manage personal finances effectively. The support process is a personal experience that supports clients across areas of financial well-being through access to the relevant expertise that gives individuals skills and knowledge to navigate their way out of common financial challenges.

This is a financial intervention programme which assists the client greatly as it engages customers to be aware of the dangers of being over-indebted; not making the right decisions and most importantly, it highlights how they got into debt in the first place…

Home Assistance

Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve to know that you are covered for any unexpected incidents. We offer affordable home and lifestyle solutions designed to save on costly home repairs as well as monthly insurance fees. You can get help with structural, plumbing, and electrical issues, as well as cover for your appliances and 24/7 support all year round in the case of a home emergency.

‘Home Emergency’ means any sudden, unexpected and/or unforeseen event at the eligible residence requiring the immediate and/ or urgent services of a domestic tradesman to limit/ minimise or prevent further damage to the home. This benefit is restricted to home emergencies and only applies to the eligible premises/ primary places of permanent residence, within the Republic of South Africa and used for domestic purposes, including outbuildings. 

Medical Assistance

If you had to end up in hospital right now, would you be prepared? What if you require an emergency evacuation? Our medical assistance products provide quality service and 24 hour support at an affordable monthly fee, including medical transportation and evacuation, daily hospital pay-outs, and life support and relocation benefits. We also offer a 24/7 medical advice helpline.