As an eRewards Saver member you will save thousands on your day to day living through great savings and benefits which range from shopping and lifestyle expenses; medical and education advice right through to your travel and household requirements.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Vouchers from Top Retailers nationwide – Free Membership to the Vouchers platform
  • Medical Assistance and Emergency Evacuation
  • Home Assistance
  • Tutor Assist
  • Financial Wellness and Debt Assist


eRewards Saver Members have access to the tailor made and exclusive Vouchers deals and discounts from top retailers nationwide.

  • Deals Monthly available from Various Merchants nationwide (Integration to our Vouches Platform) Categories of Vouchers including Food, Dining, Airtime, Entertainment, Beauty and Fashion, Online Shopping and Travel. Vouchers.
  • Vouchers can be accessed on both PC and Mobile bringing offers and deals to the fingertips of members!
  • 24/7 Contact Centre for the customer care and Voucher Queries.


Medical Advice & Information Hotline

The medical personnel, including paramedics, nurses and doctors, shall be available 24 hours a day to provide general medical information and advice. This is an advisory service as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis.

Emergency Medical Advice & Assistance Hotline

In addition to the general medical-advice service, medical operators will guide a member through a medical-crisis situation by providing emergency advice or by organising for the member to receive the support required, utilising the 24-hour contact-centre doctor. This service includes referrals to crisis lines in case of:

  • Family & Domestic Abuse
  • Rape Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Child Abuse
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • HIV Counselling
  • Suicide Hotline (Life Line)
  • Poison Hotline (In House)

Emergency Medical Response

An appropriate road and/or air response will be undertaken utilising an ambulance, a rapid-response vehicle or a helicopter (all of which are manned by appropriately qualified and experienced emergency-care practitioners, paramedics or doctors) immediately to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate life-saving support will be provided to the member and where relevant, the member will be stabilised before transfer is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility. Costs will be for the medical aid’s or member’s account.

Medical Transportation

In the event of a member’s involvement in a medical emergency, emergency medical transportation will be provided by road and/or by air ambulance, under appropriate medical supervision, if necessary, to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care. Cost of transport is limited to R10 000 per incident.

Medical considerations, the degree of urgency, the member’s state and fitness to travel and other considerations, including, but not limited to, airport availability, weather conditions and distance to be covered as assessed by the contact-centre doctor and support staff will determine whether transport will be provided by medically-equipped helicopter, regular scheduled flight, rail or road. We reserve the right to bill the patient at the tariff if no form of cover for transportation is evident, Medical transportation will be for the member’s account.

Arrangements in terms of escorted return transport are made and cost paid for in the event of emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation which results in minor children being left stranded. Limited to R 2 000 per incident


In the event of a life threatening medical emergency which involves emergency medical transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility, hospital admission of R 5 000 is guaranteed. The admission fee is refundable from the member’s medical aid/hospital plan if applicable.


Available 24-hours a day 365-days a year

Our Home Assistance programme provides assistance to the member when you are involved in a Home Emergency. A Home Emergency means any sudden, unexpected and/or unforeseen event at the eligible residence requiring the immediate and/ or urgent services of a domestic tradesman to limit/ minimise or prevent further damage to the home.

This benefit is restricted to Home emergencies and only applies to the eligible premises / primary place of permanent residence, within the Republic of South Africa and used for domestic purposes, including outbuildings.

Emergency Services Notification and Call-out

At the member’s request our Assist Contact Support Centre will relay a notification of emergencies to the Police, Traffic, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Security or any other emergency service provider.

Mobile Notification Services

The member will receive an SMS notifying them of the update on your active case.
The below details will be sent to the member mobile phone after lodging a case:

  • Name of Primary Case Manager.
  • Reference Number (eases of calling in and enable anyone of the Assist Consultants to intervene or provide further details to the member).
  • Once a Service Provider has been appointed, the responding Service Provider details will be sent along with the ETA.
  • Any changes made to the case (new Service Provider and additional requests etc.).
  • If there is a shift change, the details of your New Case Manager will also be sent.

*Please note that each benefit will be managed on an individual basis and is highly dependent on traffic, weather and correct information received i.e. address or area of incident.

The Home Assistance programme shall entail the following emergency services to customers:

  1. Plumbers.
  2. Glaziers.
  3. Electricians.
  4. Locksmiths.
  5. Tree Felling.
  6. Bee Keepers and Pest Controllers.
  7. Appliances (member will be covered for the call out and one hour labour for large white appliances).

Terms and Conditions
  • Overall limit of 3 (three) incidents or R 2 000 per member per annum applies.
  • Please note that the call out fee and first hour of labour will be covered under Home Assistance, however the cost of parts and additional labour will for your own account.
  • Where the incident is not considered an emergency that requires immediate attention, we will provide a referral for any specific Service Provider and all costs will be for the member’s own account.
  • The benefit period is one calendar year and the benefit does not accumulate, but is a maximum amount per annum.
  • A repair incident is considered per service category, e.g. if an electrician is called out to repair on the distribution board as well as an electrical connection, this is treated as one call out.
  • Benefit excludes Maintenance of any kind.
  • Replacing light bulbs.
  • Adjustment of thermostats.
  • Any remote controls or access controls.
  • Normal wear and tear/safes.


Assistance shall be provided to the member in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following:

  • Visible burst water connections and pipes.
  • Blocked drains, toilets, baths and sinks, causing further damage to the Home.
  • Emergency Geyser overflow, valves (Latco and pressure release) causing loss of hot water and pressure-release problems.
  • Jacuzzi,
  • swimming pools and
  • boreholes and borehole pumps;
  • leak detection inspections,
  • repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others,
  • leaking taps,
  • replacement of a burst geyser,
  • septic tanks and.
  • water supply interruptions to permanent residence.


  • Glazier assistance is a 24-hour help line, offering assistance where a service provider is dispatched to ensure that side glass or building glass can be professionally replaced.
  • Broken or badly cracked window panes which could result in access to the residence No materials are covered as this is for the members account (the actual glass etc. is for the member’s own account).


Assistance shall be provided to members in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following:

  • Distribution boards, circuits, main cables causing power failure.
  • Earth-leakage relays causing power failure.
  • Geyser connections, and elements, causing 100% power failure.
  • Plug points causing 100% power failure.
  • Light fittings or switches causing 100% power failure.
  • Lightning strikes on wiring.
  • Multiple burnt connections on wiring or plug points causing 100% power failure.
  • Connections to all electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor) causing 100% power failure.
  • Electric gates and doors;
  • jacuzzi,
  • swimming pool and borehole pumps;
  • air conditioners and commercial refrigeration;
  • repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others;
  • all electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor);
  • main electrical supply interruptions to permanent residence.


  • If keys are broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house (This includes outbuildings).
  • If a person is locked inside the house or any room within the house.
  • Burglary incidents (the member will be assisted, but is liable for the cost);
  • and garages;
  • Padlocks;
  • Replacing of damaged locks (the member will be assisted at his / her own expense).
Additional benefits also included are:
  • Tree Fellers
  • Bee Keepers and
  • Pest Controllers - paid for up to the per incident limits only and only within day light hours.


Assistance will be provided for the below pests:

  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Flies
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

APPLIANCE BENEFIT (call out and one hour labour)

  • Fridges & freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble Driers
  • Microwaves
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves and ovens only if complete function is lost – if one or more plates are working, it is not deemed an emergency repair.


Incidents not attended to on the instruction of the Service Provider’s case manager, will not be considered after any repair. Emergency repairs are only undertaken at the member’s permanent residence. Emergency repairs outside the domestic dwelling are not included, i.e. office premises, public buildings, outbuildings not attached to the main building, etc. If the appliance is still under warranty, it will be referred to the manufacturer for repairs.

4. Tutor Line

This service provides an after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to the internet and any information supplied through the internet can be forwarded to the learner by courier service or fax.

They therefore receive telephonic assistance in order to research information for projects and such like needs. The benefits to parents are that they are given the opportunity to provide their children with the very best homework help and study requirements. They have an opportunity to adapt gradually to the changing education curriculum and ensure that their children are receiving the very latest information and assistance.

The well-being and education of children will always be a priority, no matter what the member’s religion, race or culture. Tutor Line will provide parents with “peace of mind” that either due to circumstances or unavailability, professional assistance and guidance will be accessible to their children at agreed hours 5 days a week.

Tutor Line provides access to professional and qualified tutors. Their role is to encourage, explain and assist children during those difficult moments of evening homework where so often parents are not available or equipped to deal with the issues. Tutor Line provides children with telephonic access to the Internet where qualified tutors can search for, compile and even send summaries of information required.

The key service elements include:

  • Telephonic learner support, education and project compilation assistance in all the major subjects
  • The tutor’s role is further to encourage and assist with projects or homework when the parent is not available or equipped to deal with the learner’s queries
  • Internet access allows the competent tutors to search for information and compile summaries where required
  • Modes of communication include: fax, email and mail
  • The tutoring service is provided by qualified and practicing education specialists
  • Tutors are highly qualified, practicing teachers and are therefore at the forefront of teaching practices and curricula
  • Tutors are supported by administrative, research and IT personnel who assist in IT database compilation and project research
  • Tutors in the following subjects are currently utilized:
    • Mathematics and Science
    • English
    • Geography
    • Afrikaans
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Business Economics
    • Biology
    • Additional subjects to be added as and when demand requires

All services offered are available for primary and secondary students.

Service Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi (direct service and/or translation capacities in any of the above)

The Tutor line is available from Sundays to Thursdays 18h00 to 21h00 (excluding National School and Public Holidays)


This is a comprehensive financial wellness programme that provides the support and guidance that one needs to manage personal finances effectively. The support process is a personal experience that supports clients across areas of financial well-being through access to the relevant expertise that gives individuals skills and knowledge to navigate their way out of common financial challenges.

This is a financial intervention programme which assists the client greatly as it engages customers to be aware of the dangers of being over-indebted; not making the right decisions and most importantly, it highlights how they got into debt the first place. The service is available between 08:30 to 16:30 on weekdays, excluding Public Holidays.

The Service includes:

  • 1 Free Credit Report
    The Credit Report is requested on behalf of the member based on the information on the Credit Report, a Financial Health Assessment is prepared and discussed with the member.

  • Debt Mediation Assist.
    The member is assisted by mediating with his/her creditors regarding payments of overdue accounts and service includes investigations in terms of reckless lending practices.

  • Financial Coaching.
    The member is helped to set financial goals with the guidance of a financial coach and advised on a set of actions in order to achieve these goals.

  • Debt Counselling.
    With most employees in South Africa facing over-indebtedness, the debt counselling programme ensures that members are assisted in restructuring their finances, affording them a reduction in debt payments.

  • Budget Assist.
    A diagnostic tool is used to determine how severe the debt of a member is. Customised solutions are prepared to assist the member in dealing with the debt situation.

  • Tax Advice & Guidance.
    Assistance with personal tax enquiries, referral to an appropriate tax specialist, interpretation of personal tax options and completing tax returns on behalf of the member, on-line.

  • Credit Repair.
    Assistance with the results of the member’s credit report in terms of disputes lodged with regard incorrect information and advice on measures to be taken to improve the member’s credit score. Assistance with the rescind process in terms of Administration and Garnishee orders.

  • Home Ownership Programme.
    An assessment is undertaken to evaluate whether or not a member qualifies for a bond or not. It includes educating the member on the benefits of home ownership. Should a member’s income or combined household income allow for bond qualification but his/her credit status influences qualification, the member is assisted with Debt Counselling and Credit Repair in order to rehabilitate the member and to turn his/her credit score around.